Tips before buying Drapes

Here are some points to consider when looking to purchase drapes and blinds:

Get a budget established before starting

To save you a lot of time looking at product that may not suit your situation

Use a reputable company specialising in soft furnishings

They employ people of high standards, often with interior design experience.

When considering the design of your drapes give thought to the size of the room

Often lifting the rods 100-200mm above the frame or even up to the ceiling will make the room feel bigger.

Drape length can be a personal thing, whether you like them well off the floor, just to the floor, or dragging on the floor

Remember if you have them touching the floor you won't be able to achieve a structured look from your drapes.

If you are wanting to give your home a contemporary look use sunscreen blinds as sunfilters instead of Net fabric

This gives nice clean lines to the window and looks great from the outside.

Express your personality

Not every room in the house has to have the same fabric or style. Enjoy your designing & buying experience.

Comparative quotes

If you get more than one quote make sure that you are getting "apples for apples". In other words, make sure it is the same fabric, lining, style, meterage, and tracking. You may find the dearer quote could be the "cheaper" quote if the same product was quoted on.