Roman Blinds

Romans are timeless. They are simplistic, practical and look fantastic.

Romans are a great way to dress a window. If furniture, doors or adjacent walls are close to the window leaving no stacking room for drapes it is best to have your window coverings go up rather than across. They also look great on picture windows or windows above beds.

You can have Romans stacking two ways, either a layered stack or a plain stack. With a plain stack the top fold covers all the lower folds when pulled to the top.

If you are planning to use a more expensive fabric Romans can be a more economical way to dress the window as it requires less fabric than drapes, however the opposite is true if you use a more budget fabric.

Be careful when getting prices for Roman Blinds as not all Romans are “Created Equal”. There is no mercy when manufacturing a Roman, they must be square and straight. Some manufacturers use Velcro to attach the fabric to the headrail, we prefer the cleaner look of taking the fabric over the top of the headrail – This produces a clean line with no stitching.